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G&V Windows are strong, highly insulated, and if we’re being honest – very good looking! Our expertise will make sure to find the right windows for your house to improve the comfort of your thermostat, wallet, and eyes all at once.


Everyone deserves an entryway that matches their personality. Warm and inviting, safe and secure, luxurious and breathtaking, or maybe whimsical? G&V gets the perfect door for the house every time!

Patio Doors

A quality patio door can survive everything from the coldest Canadian blizzard to the hottest summer barbecue weather – and all do so in style. G&V Patio doors keep the temperature inside while giving you a great view!


Years Serving Ontario

25 years of dedication and passion – G&V Windows & Doors has had the honour to be serving Ontario for over two decades. From our humble beginnings in Toronto and the rest of the GTA to the beautiful Barrie, Innisfil, Angus, and surrounding Simcoe Muskoka. Our focus on quality and customer satisfaction from beginning to end has helped us build our trusted reputation with homeowners. We make sure to bring the best of everything – the best product for your home, the best price for your wallet, and the best people for the job!

G&V has decades of experience ensuring replacing the windows and doors in your home is stress-free. Get a free quote from us and begin the process today.

G&V Difference

G&V insulated windows and doors have a significant impact on keeping your home warm in the winter. All our products are designed with Canadian winters in mind. Every window and door that we install is made to reduce heat loss by providing a high-quality barrier between the interior of your home and the outside environment. The insulating material in the windows acts as a thermal barrier, trapping heat inside your home and preventing it from escaping through the windows.

Having G&V insulated windows and doors in the winter can help lower your heating bills by reducing the amount of energy needed to keep your home warm, leading to lower energy bills and more money in your hands. That’s right! Our windows and doors pay for themselves.

G&V insulated windows and doors can improve the comfort level in your home by reducing drafts and preventing cold spots from forming near the windows. Enjoy a cozier and more inviting living space, especially during the winter months.



All information collected will remain confidential and will only be used to contact you for a free quote.

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